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 By combining school consulting with career coaching and life coaching, we aim to become a GPS for our students to successfully navigate their academic and career paths, receive their dream offer, and achieve their life goals.

What makes our admissions consulting services unique :


We have pioneered virtual admissions consulting for over 10 years and have assembled the largest team of former admissions deans and directors that enable you to achieve your goals.


We have a 100% acceptance rate over the past 10 years helping our students get accepted into their top school choices. We achieve this by taking a holistic approach that helps them with every aspect of their academic and extracurricular development.


Our school consulting program is the only one that combines school consulting with career coaching and life coaching. Getting the dream offer is only one part of the journey. Personal development is also important.


We guide our students with creating achievable goals, then use  a backward design approach to calculate a step-by-step plan that maps out the best route to achieve success.

Our Process

Step 1 Consultation

Talk one on one with our consultant, receive a holistic understanding of school application planning or career coaching and helpful resource pack 

Step 2 Personalized Plan 

Step 3 Coaching and Guiding

Design the personalized coaching and mentoring planning including a weekly  schedule to walk our mentee step by step. Each mentee would have 1-4 mentors to work through the whole process  

Provide guidance in school selection. Guide the applicant to participate extracurricular activities, research projects, volunteer activities and internships from Fortune500 companies. Coach the applicant’s essay writing process, and provide proofreading service. Provide mentorship in personal development in terms of academic and career path.

Step 4 Keep Tracking

We will have an online day to day tracking system, that the mentor and mentee can keep track of everything.

Step 5 Receive Your Dream School Acceptance!

Our applicants and mentees have 99% school application success rate.

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Our Process:

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