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Graduation Ceremony

Our Student  Stories 

The most significant part of our students' school application and career development journey is more than just receiving the offer from their dream school. It is also about the personal growth achieved throughout the process and finding direction in their lives. 

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The Solution for an Art Major Student to Compete in the Job Market

When Ally Liu contacted our program, she was sure that she wanted to study music performance and to hopefully become a Broadway performer. However, her parents were worried that this choice might lead to an unclear career path. Our mentor assigned her to shadow a Broadway singer in the show "Phantom of the Opera" for a day. At the end of the day she said, "It is totally different from what I had expected. It might be too much for me. But I love singing, so what should I do?" Our mentor designed a major and career exploration program for Ally. She discovered that she was also interested in data science. With this guidance, she took a summer course at NYU about data science and did an internship in a non-profit organization related to data processing.  

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