About Us

"Why do you choose this major?"

"My parens chose it for me." 

"I thought it is cool, but when I get into college it is totally something different."

 When we choose the major and school to apply to, it can be overwhelming. There are 3000 colleges in the U.S. and if the student thinks about study abroad, the selection seems infinite. It is also confusing to link the major with the future career path. We provide the guidance that connects the dream school to a dream career and we break the process into doable steps.

The Elitelink Education team members are leading education experts in the K-12, higher education and professionals in various fields.

Our coaches and mentors are aiming to guide the mentees choose a major and college to study that make sense to their career path.

Our Mission

We envision young people can choose their school and career with confidence and passion. No one would feel lost or stuck in their academic and career path. No one would say: "I wish someone could tell me sooner so that I can pick another major, go to another school or find another job."

Our college admission consulting and career coaching service is personalized by leading educators. The program not only helps the students to receive their dream school offer but also upgrades their skills find their passion and navigate towards their dream career. All the college application consultants and mentors had previous working experience at the top 30 universities' admission offices. We had a 100% satisfactory rate over the past 7 years.

Meet The Team