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Career Coaching 

Walking and Talking

Unveiling Your Career Potential
Transforming Aspirations into Achievements

At EliteLink, we believe in the power of personalized coaching to unlock your career potential. Our goal-oriented approach is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that every step you take is a stride toward success.

What We Offer

EliteLink Education Career Path Coaching Program Sample Session

EliteLink's coaching sessions remain deeply goal-oriented, emphasizing actionable outcomes and personalized client engagement. We adhere to a flexible yet structured approach, tailoring each session to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients.

Session 1:
Enhanced Assessment & Initial Discussion

Preparation: Clients are encouraged to provide a current resume or LinkedIn profile for review prior to the session.

Focus Areas:

Goal Refinement: Sharpening career objectives for more precise targeting.

Mindset Shift: Addressing psychological barriers, boosting confidence, and encouraging steps outside the comfort zone.

Homework: Reflect on detailed career objectives and take an initial actionable step towards these goals.

Session 2:
Comprehensive Career Plan Development

Session 3  & Onwards:

Review: Analyze progress and insights from Session 1 homework.

Exploration: Delve into potential areas needing clarity, including identification of skill gaps (both soft and hard skills).

Homework: Formulate detailed short-term, mid-term, and long-term career goals.

Focused Accountability, Troubleshooting & Progressive Steps

Skill Gap Analysis: Identifying and bridging gaps between current skills and desired career objectives, with a focus on both hard (learnable) and soft skills.

Market Positioning: Analyzing the current role within the competitive market, celebrating achievements, and strategizing for continuous growth, both internally and externally.

Homework: Create and implement a Hard Skills Learning Plan and a Soft Skills Enhancement Strategy.

Specialty Sessions: Tailored Guidance for Specific Needs

Personalized Support: Offering targeted assistance for scenarios like major interviews, important meetings, or events, ensuring logistical and psychological readiness.



Interactive Tools: Integrate interactive tools and resources for more dynamic learning and self-assessment.

Feedback Mechanism: Establish a structured feedback system for continuous improvement of the coaching process.

Supplemental Resources: Provide additional materials, such as articles, videos, and case studies, to complement the learning experience.


EliteLink remains committed to providing a robust, flexible, and highly personalized career coaching experience, aiding clients in navigating their career paths with confidence and clarity. Our revised curriculum is designed to be more interactive, resource-rich, and aligned with the evolving career landscape.


Other career services I’ve used seem to focus on either teaching or providing good information, with Elitelink, I felt they really focused on me and what I wanted. They seemed to identify right away that the issues I had related to a need to better understand myself and what might ultimately make me happy. They created exercises that helped me explore that in a fun way.

Anonymous, 3 years out of University

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